27 Indisputable Facts That Everyone Knows Are True


It's science.


  1. Posted by madisonatynes, — Reply

    actually 1 if they had seat belts eveytime someone sat down they would have to check if they were buckled 2 the seats and bus are designed so that it is safer without them.

  2. Posted by tigerbath, — Reply

    Where I’m from I think they made it illegal to not have seatbelts, because I used to get into busses without seatbelts

  3. Posted by bouclonclara, — Reply

    Every bus i got in has a seatbelt , but i m from france , so is this real that their in no seatbelt in your bus? 🤨

  4. Posted by jacob425025, — Reply

    As weird as it sounds tests show that more children get injured/die with seatbelts on school buses

  5. Posted by nightfeather231, — Reply

    50? You mean 90? They put two to a seat on our bus, and the little kids have to sit three to a seat

  6. Posted by elenaflessas, — Reply

    My bus is the only one with seat belts and we just turn them over the seat so we don’t sit on em

  7. Posted by davehluchy, — Reply

    School busses are far safer without seatbelts than cars are with seatbelts and airbags.

  8. Posted by himynameisash, — Reply

    Compartmentalization keeps them safe and under 50lbs does need car seat.

  9. Posted by jasminecald8221, — Reply

    Omg thank god im not the only one that thinks that's a bit odd😐

  10. Posted by ckon29, — Reply

    The small buses have seatbelts! And they are air conditioned

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