30 Wholesome Memes To Give You Feels


Stuff to warm your heart. These wholesome pics are gathered here today to lighten your mood. The internet can be a dark place, but sometimes humanity comes through.


  1. Posted by CrystalLily0267, — Reply

    My god that dog looks like a fluffy pillow, I’d want to love on him too also don’t judge people based on how they like to look

  2. Posted by studentwithanxiety, — Reply

    punks, emos, and goths are some of the most kind and inclusive people I've ever met. I hate that everyone makes them seem like horrible people

  3. Posted by kawaiihoshistar, — Reply

    Punks, goths, emos, and similar people are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m frilly and cutesy and we could spend hours talking about fashion together. I might be biased tho because of my adorable partner.

  4. Posted by DeadPool696969, — Reply

    Punks: *looks like they'll summon a freakin' demon, in your freakin' kingdom* Also punks: *just people who have a different view on normal* (Cookies to those who caught that reference)

  5. Posted by Animegirl5000, — Reply

    Punks are amazing btw. I know there is a stigma around them but the punks I know are legit among the best and kindest ppl I have ever met. They all have their strugles and stories but I honestly love every single punk or emo person I come across they are the best.

  6. Posted by Uncomforble, — Reply

    Punk isn’t just about rebellion, it’s about loving yourself and the world around you, and this is the most punk shit I’ve ever seen

  7. Posted by kakashi1039, — Reply

    10/10 it’s a good bar when doggos are appreciated by the people of said bar. +1 to see cute doggo, +2 if someone says/shouts(depends on distance) saying the doggo is cute. +1000 If the owner gives approval to pet doggo!

  8. Posted by I_ran_out_of_smart_names, — Reply

    People think that I as a Punk am mean, rude and things like that and no people that's a very wrong stereotype

  9. Posted by cherrera0946, — Reply

    I can imagine this group just minding their own business, jamming to some music. Then one person from the group is like "Guys, look! A Dog!" then all of them swarm to the dog.

  10. Posted by sleepitysleepsleepsleep, — Reply

    This is why punks make me more comfortable than any other group of people in the world

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