Bruh... Feel older now


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  1. Posted by ABCDdoyouhateme, — Reply

    When I first saw the teletubbies at my cousins house I never went there again because I thought my cousin was in a cult and did daily rituals to worship satan (I was 7)

  2. Posted by skyevoigt01, — Reply

    They can now do a crappy reboot version

  3. Posted by jcarysy, — Reply

    This is the new sun baby, called Berry, for the Teletubbies reboot not Jess’ (the original sun baby) own child (she’s 23 now!)

  4. Posted by islacrotty, — Reply

    I’m still a teen yet I feel super old 😂

  5. Posted by lilsassyweirdo, — Reply

    They also made baby teletubies the show is just weirder now

  6. Posted by j_juliiaa, — Reply

    Oh frickk i just searched up teletubbies and realizes how creepy they look

  7. Posted by AlexandaManshack, — Reply

    New teletubbie baby? Wew! Teletubbies scare the shit out of me

  8. Posted by Notnasabtw, — Reply

    I'm 12 and used to watch this wtf

  9. Posted by Kevkev_37, — Reply

    I met the teletubbies sun baby on a residential in year 4!!!!!

  10. Posted by batgirl756, — Reply

    Yeah wtf isn't she still supposed to be a baby?😂

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