Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks - Mother Thyme


Skip the pizza shop and make these super easy Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks loaded with lots of melted cheese at home! Great as an appetizer and for dunking in warm pizza sauce or marinara!


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  2. Posted by srwoerner, — Reply

    This looks sooo good. A lot of cheesy bread from Papa Johns, etc has way too much dough.

  3. Posted by sakura1639, — Reply

    These look like legit cheese breadsticks not those trash ones from papa John's lol

  4. Posted by shazlett1988, — Reply

    If you use block cheeses instead of pre-shred it wont be so oily on top

  5. Posted by oliviadassaro98, — Reply

    It’s 3am and I’m literally so hungry right now

  6. Posted by lolatripsha, — Reply

    looks so good i am going to try that tonight

  7. Posted by mookakitchen, — Reply

    Great 😋 Thanks so much

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  9. Posted by madisongabbywolf, — Reply

    I could smell this thru the screen .-.

  10. Posted by oceanwaves34, — Reply

    OMG I NEED THAT (not to sound greedy xD )

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