Cheesy Garlic Zucchini Rice - Damn Delicious


Cheesy Garlic Zucchini Rice - Made in ONE POT! So easy. So cheesy. So garlicky. A side dish for all of your meals! Can be made with brown rice or quinoa.


  1. Posted by jarvicious, — Reply

    First batch got so burned that it ruined my pot. Second batch was thrown together quickly, added extra water and opened the lid to check on it a few times - turned out fine. Reheats really well

  2. Posted by larianna23, — Reply

    Amazing recipe! I think we'll be coming back to this one over and over again! My husband especially liked how fresh the zucchini made the rice feel... almost guilt free ;)

  3. Posted by graceface95, — Reply

    Pretty good. Used quinoa instead of rice and halved the recipe. it was a lot of zucchini when i halved it so might want to do three quarters or half in that case.

  4. Posted by scotslas52, — Reply

    I made this dish today. I added a large diced onion, a little extra water and chicken bouillon cubes. It was delicious. Will make this again.

  5. Posted by beara87, — Reply

    Made for dinner tonight nobody in my family likes zucchini & I fooled them all but 1 kiddo lol. I did sub. Veggie broth for chicken broth being as that's all I had & it was delicious!

  6. Posted by janicedent8, — Reply

    This dish was a hit. I added parsley flakes and seasoned salt to flavor the dish. I didn't use regular salt at all. This is a good intro to those who haven't tried zucchini before.

  7. Posted by jtsfinechina, — Reply

    This one was a bust for me. It has a VERY strong zucchini flavor and I did not care for the texture either so I ended up throwing it out. I'll be finding a different way to use up my excess zucchini in the future.

  8. Posted by kcarr10, — Reply

    Substituted quinoa, chicken broth and reduced the cheddar. Added two tbsp of cream cheese and this is easily one of my favorite sides!

  9. Posted by vondabomb, — Reply

    This came out so perfect & we all LOVED it! 😍 (I recommend squeezing the excess water out of the zucchini so your rice won't be so mushy)

  10. Posted by annagodadavida, — Reply

    Great flavor. Rice wasn't soft enough and I think it's because I used 1/3 brown rice and didn't soften it like I usually do because I thought I could sauté it soft instead. Live and learn. I'll try again!

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