Coconut Milk Pancakes (Dairy Free, Keto, Low Carb, Gluten Free)


These coconut milk pancakes are completely dairy free and keto friendly. Made from scratch pancakes are always the best pancake recipes!


  1. Posted by steffffferss, — Reply

    These are way way too salty. They looked great and I love salty foods but this was ridiculous. I didn’t even put the full amount in and it’s still all I could taste.

  2. Posted by mckenna_hartley, — Reply

    i tried to double this and it turned into a disaster, would not try again.

  3. Posted by matthaubrich1, — Reply

    How many pancakes can you make with only 2 tablespoons of flower?

  4. Posted by marhuc, — Reply

    That would be flour not flower 😀

  5. Posted by Sannie100Keto, — Reply

    Recipe says 1.. 😃

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