Funny Pics With Captions


Funny Pics With Captions


  1. Posted by Pastel_Galaxxxy, — Reply

    When I was really young, I had to get an CIT scan because my pediatrician was concerned about my height (spoilers, I was just tall af), so they had to put me to sleep. Apparently while I was going loopy from the meds, I spent the whole time laughing because the cap they made me wear made me look like Toad from the Mario games, then screamed “IM NOT GONNA SLEEP” before passing out.

  2. Posted by alow1107, — Reply

    My mother came into the back and I said in a British accent, “Is father bitter?”

  3. Posted by rafaelscott9405, — Reply

    This is why I got my wisdom teeth out with only a local Anesthetic

  4. Posted by carolinegaskins, — Reply

    This is my type of person 🤣

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