Funny relationship memes boyfriends diamonds 40 trendy Ideas


Funny relationship memes boyfriends diamonds 40 trendy Ideas #funny #memes


  1. Posted by Haitianfit, — Reply

    My husband and I are going to divorce. When he sees me cry, he tells me to suck it up amd get over it, he never cared about my feelings, just wants me to keep quit, cook, clean and have children... I'm done!!!

  2. Posted by javi27708, — Reply

    So story time for people that read comments so I was sleeping with my boyfriend and I was in my period and I bled through my track shorts and onto the covers of the bed and my boyfriend Blake was like baby just go to the bathroom and I’ll clean the sheets I was so embarrassed and he said it’s okay babe it’s natural then we cuddled until the morning I live you Blake Robinson 💋💋☝️

  3. Posted by ElmoDontGotEars, — Reply

    90% of ppl marry their 7thgrade crush. Since your reading this, you will get good news tonight. Comment this on 9 other posts or the worst week of your life will start now. In 53 minutes your crush will realize they love you.

  4. Posted by aLissa013, — Reply

    Instead of judging and making this all sad like my life for once can we just say this is cute and get over it?

  5. Posted by aathenaa159, — Reply

    Well..yes but..why should she be extra i mean..just tell him how you feel! Don't make it a puzzle!

  6. Posted by somyachakra, — Reply

    really cute and all but um who took these pics tho lmao

  7. Posted by lululovecheese1, — Reply

    This is from Skins

  8. Posted by lexi19824, — Reply

    i thought she was sitting in the sink

  9. Posted by wowitsmee, — Reply

    ok, so sometimes it’s nice, but other times it’s annoying

  10. Posted by nataliamj319, — Reply

    Who tf taking these pictures ??😳🤨

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