One thing coffee and tea drinkers can agree on... cocoa drinkers are plebs.


One thing coffee and tea drinkers can agree on... cocoa drinkers are plebs. - Imgur


  1. Posted by yoooooooooooo_i_am_trash, — Reply

    I love tea. Honey tea is da best. I like to sit down on the floor cuddled in a blanket drinking tea staring at the wall thinking about why im alive. But i dont hate coffee. Just too much energy. I prefer a red bull

  2. Posted by LunarLight5217, — Reply

    Me in the corner.. “tea for when I need calming and when I’m chill. Coffee for when I’m about to pull an all-nighter. Hot cocoa.. whenever I feel like it ;)

  3. Posted by furriertrash, — Reply

    I drink all of these based on my current level of anxiety. If you ever see me drinking cocoa... please hug me. Cocoa is for the very sad days.

  4. Posted by victoriajohnson020060, — Reply

    I'm a hot cocoa drinker, and I can fairly say that... yes. There is no argument in the hot cooca community. Now would you like marshmellows, sprinkles, or both?

  5. Posted by dinogirlie, — Reply

    I love all 3! Tea is great for refreshing yourself but not keep you awake, coffee’s a nice morning friend always willing to keep you going, and hot chocolate is like sipping the embodiment of cuddles! All my personal opinion though!

  6. Posted by leandraerinr, — Reply

    “This tea is nothing but hot leaf juice!” “That’s what all tea is, Uncle.” “How could a member of my own family say something so horrible!?”

  7. Posted by BiApolloKid, — Reply

    I love all of them but I drink tea the most because coffee hurts my stomach and cocoa is specifically for winter nights when it’s cold as hell and you can’t change my mind.

  8. Posted by matthewaric, — Reply

    And let’s get this straight. Cocoa is completely different from hot chocolate. Cocoa is the powder In a bag which I hate personally. Hot chocolate is actual chocolate melted in cream, it’s a ton thicker and the best.

  9. Posted by DBSeamz, — Reply

    And then there’s me. Any beverage room temp or above has no business going INTO me. According to the back of my throat, warm liquids are either spit or barf and must exit only.

  10. Posted by toni_O_0076, — Reply

    it doesn't matter if you drink coffee or tea to me, personally I prefer tea, but we're different and I appreciate that yeah I been watching avatar the last airbender

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