Hibiscus - Temporary Tattoo - Large


Hibiscus - Temporary Tattoo - Large - TempxTats 4 frilly, overlapping hibiscus flowers. It's a dark navy blue outline. This tattoo makes an amazing and delicate sleeve when you place two side by side on the arm. MEASUREMENT: 4.5'' x 3.5'' in its widest section. ABOUT AND SHIPPING: • Combo Deals: Get 50% off on your second set - just select 'Pack of 2' in the "Combo Deals" drop down menu. This is great if you want to wear them more than once or test out different placements! • All tattoos are shipped already cut and ready for application. • The designs are original, handcrafted and made to order by Cari Gnam in Miami, FL. • Orders placed until 4pm EST are shipped on the same day. Orders placed after that are always shipped the next business day. • Temp-Tats are made with top quality tattoo paper and hypoallergenic ink. • If you have your own tattoo design that you'd like to bring to life as a temporary tattoo, just navigate to my listing for placing a custom order and let's get started! APPLICATION AND STORAGE: • Applies like a regular temporary tattoo, just press it on with a wet sponge. In case of storage, please keep it in cool temperature and away from direct sunlight. • Lasts for up to a week or more depending on conditions and placement location. Your order will include detailed instructions for application, removal, and tips to make it last as long as possible. • To keep your Temp-Tat pristine, keep it dry. They can withstand some light splashes of water, and when fully submerged or soaked in the shower, the design will still be there, but will become slightly