¡Manos a la obra!



  1. Posted by essencemarion, — Reply

    The used tin can will definitely start to rust quickly and that has a huge negative effect on the quality of the soil so your plants won't survive due to the toxics that rust brings along.

  2. Posted by popej910, — Reply

    Thanks for the useful tips. The end results it's beautiful and she's happy with the results! Keep those green 👍 👍 working happy planting! Love U guys out there stay safe.

  3. Posted by SantaBarbarahouse, — Reply

    This stacked pot is like a building that gives each other benefits. With this method, I think the plants fertilized in these 3 pots will grow quickly and spread. Honestly, this is the first time I've seen an idea like this. Very unique and creative, this seems to be something that will be a trend in the coming year. An action that inspires many people. 👍👌

  4. Posted by teiente009, — Reply

    But still a nifty idea. I would use terracotta or plastic containers instead of the tin cans.

  5. Posted by amberkubala1998, — Reply

    Rosemary grows into huge bushes so this will only work for that one short term

  6. Posted by lillexi07, — Reply

    The whole thing didn’t need to be spray painted in green 😭😂 lol

  7. Posted by tclassens, — Reply

    Not sure why you’ll have to paint the whole outside green.

  8. Posted by makcrisman, — Reply

    Just a waste of spray paint or whatever to paint that whole thing green.

  9. Posted by jbn4519, — Reply

    Me parecen excelentes y fáciles ideas para realizar.

  10. Posted by stephaniecotto93, — Reply

    The va a durar el romero menos d una semana vivo.

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