Number One Handmade Card


The Number One Handmade Card is one of many paper craft projects you can see in the idea galleries on our website. Click to see it and be inspired!


  1. Posted by avapfluke, — Reply

    Well the fan is unplugged so I guess ur not... bc those streamers would not be excited if the fan wasn’t on... which it isn’t

  2. Posted by Walker58016, — Reply

    hi fan, im dad!!1!1!!1! ahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Posted by lanimaximow, — Reply

    How does that fan work??? It’s not plugged in!!

  4. Posted by ilikechickennuggies, — Reply

    but I’m not.. so yeah

  5. Posted by akshatasolanki97, — Reply


  6. Posted by aimankhursheed7, — Reply

    These are sooo cute😍🥰

  7. Posted by alexusgray08, — Reply


  8. Posted by padidehjavadi1397, — Reply

    Good idea

  9. Posted by adelakanushi9, — Reply

    Haha haha haha haha

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