OPI Gel "Unfrost My Heart"


OPI Gel "Unfrost My Heart"


  1. Posted by debbiebeardgill, — Reply

    Don't pay attention to people who say negative things. Be confident in who you are and enjoy your own unique style.....God created you as an original😊💖☝

  2. Posted by smollandy, — Reply

    I think the shape isn't complimenting these chubby hands at all :( ofc you do you, but I'd highly recommend an almond or coffin shape as they'll follow the shape of your hands making them look thinner 😊 either way don't listen to any non constructive comment please ❤️

  3. Posted by meiceroxanne3, — Reply

    I don’t understand how people can put anything on the internet post them,then get mad that people may not think it’s cute. Then get highly upset at the comments made for the pic and by others......

  4. Posted by aaammmaaannndddaaa, — Reply

    Her nail tech is wrong for that . Something longer would be a little better and not a flare shape . But if I ever go to my nail tech with a style that looks a mess I hope he tells me and doesn’t just do them so I can reconsider .

  5. Posted by esheppard43, — Reply

    Where's the popcorn?these comments tho,lol,if you don't want positive or negative feedback on something only you like,don't post it,hence the saying,sometimes the truth hurts

  6. Posted by Jdog2731, — Reply

    The fact this is in with the “funny pictures” is sad. This could be a child or a little person. It doesn’t matter what we all think of the manicure. If she likes it, then good, it looks great 👍🏻 glad you’ve got the confidence girl 🌟

  7. Posted by hmfick, — Reply

    In my opinion I would do a tapered square if you want a square nail or almond would be a good shape. The nails also look a little on the thick side they should try to thin them out when you get your rebalance

  8. Posted by bettinaeger1964, — Reply

    Whether small, a child, overweight, whatever! I don't care completely. Fact is: it looks awful and does not make a hand really pretty! And if you can't make any criticism here, why do you post such photos? It's that simple.

  9. Posted by batrynchuk, — Reply

    The nails have likely been applied on short bitten nails. They are very difficult to do. This is a fantastic beginning. They can grow into longer and reshaped as they grow

  10. Posted by lizardqueenfangirl, — Reply

    There’s so many hate comments. Why?! People are saying it’s disgusting and chubby but so f’ing what?! Don’t comment if it’s nothing nice.🙄

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